teaseme - A JVM that runs in the linux kernel


20 Jul 2001 - Major merge with kissme codebase

16 Jul 2001 - teaseme booted with the RJK kernel

20 Feb 2001 - More process support code added to teaseme. Added build support for the RJK kernel.

19 Feb 2001 - Plans to implement debugging support via the JPDA architecture

26 Dec 2000 - The userspace build is now in CVS and works

19 Dec 2000 - The CVS source now contains updates to allow processes to keep references to objects in external heaps. Processes wait until these references disappear before their heaps are freed. Garbage collection now includes marking of external references. IPC calls have been implemented with the appropriate context switch.

8 Dec 2000 - I've made a snapshot of teaseme available as a file release (See further down the page)

Getting and running

Getting, building and running teaseme

To do / wishlist

I have made a list of items / areas that need to be worked on. (Updated Feb 20)